Warranty of Habitability

Every lease agreement carries with it an implied warranty of habitability.  That is, the landlord warrants to the tenant that the premises leased to the tenant for the purpose of habitation is in fact suitable for human habitation.  This does not need to be written in your lease in order to be in effect; the implied warranty of habitability is implied in every lease agreement.  Every landlord is required to fulfill certain requirements that make the rental property fit for human habitation. (Colorado Revised Statutes § 38-12-503).

Recently Colorado House Bill 19-1170 was signed which alters the Colorado Warranty of Habitability Act (WHA) initially enacted in 2008.  See section below (New State Laws That Impact You) to view the bill.  If you have questions, call us.  We help members understand new laws and the impact that they have on your business.