City of Boulder Rental Licensing and Renewal

Did you know that all rental properties are required to be licensed in the City of Boulder?  If it seems overwhelming or you just have questions, BARHA can help!  We help our members navigate this process.

The City of Boulder requires a rental license for all rental properties in the city. If a property is occupied by a family member of the owner then no license is needed. The only other exception is if a property is going to be rented for no more than one year, with the owners returning to reside on the property after a year, then no rental license is required.

In 2004 BARHA worked hard with the City of Boulder to create a new rental inspection program. This new program was a great improvement over the old system. Currently a baseline inspection is required in order to get a license and the inspection is based upon a fixed checklist of items that are inspected. All inspections are conducted by professionally trained, professional inspectors who are hired directly by the property owner/manager. Additional safety/mechanical inspections are then required every four years, again based upon a fixed inspection checklist. At the time a property is sold, a baseline inspection must be redone in order for the new owner to get a new rental license. Often the new baseline inspection can be combined with a property inspection done for a potential buyer.  If you need help finding the right inspector, we can help.  BARHA provides a directory of vendors for our members which includes industry partners in who can assist with every aspect of rental housing.

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