No Eviction Without Representation (NEWR) Ballot Initiative

This did get enough signatures to get on the ballot.  Council sets the ballot title and we are currently working to have the ballot title be more balanced, so voters can make a good decision when they read the question at the ballot box.

If passed, this would provide legal representation for all tenants in eviction cases.  Each landlord in Boulder will be required to pay $75 per rental unit per year to fund this program.  BARHA is opposed to this initiative.  We support eviction prevention but not this solution. 

The root of the issue is non-payment of rent. Providing a lawyer for tenants does not resolve the problem of non-payment. The funds end up in the attorney’s pocket instead of assisting the population who truly needs the help. This is a COMMUNITY issue and if we wish to solve it, it should be the responsibility of the entire community, not one group.

How can you get involved?

  • Join our committee to fight this ballot measure
  • VOTE AGAINST this measure on the ballot
  • Spread the word about using a different method for eviction prevention

There is a possibility that there will be an alternative initiative that council will put on the ballot that includes rental relief.  This alternative would only be contingent on NEWR pulling their original initiative.  As always we will keep you posted.