2022 Dates for 6 Day Review

2022 Dates for 6 Day Review:

  • Spring: May 6th through May 12th

  • Fall: July 25th through August 20th

During student move-in and move-out times in May and August, properties in the special trash service zone which is defined as:  the area included within Ninth Street, Baseline Road, Broadway, and Arapahoe Avenue, and the area included within Fifteenth Street, Folsom Avenue, Arapahoe Avenue, and Canyon Boulevard are required to have contract with a trash hauler for additional trash pick-up during those time periods.  As a member of BARHA, you will receive an announcement each spring and fall for the specific dates.

Within the special trash service zone and during a designated period, no owner of property required to be licensed by Section 10-3-2, “Rental License Required Before Occupancy and License Exemptions,” B.R.C. 1981, shall fail to maintain in effect a current and valid contract with a commercial trash hauler providing for the removal of accumulated trash from the property, which contract provides for trash hauling:

(1) The hauler will check the regular trash containers for the property every day, excluding Sundays and holidays.

(2)  The recyclables hauler will check the regular recycling containers for the property at least two times per week during the city manager’s designated consecutive days in the third quarter of the calendar year.

(3)  Any trash container which is full Monday through Friday will be emptied by the hauler. On Saturdays, containers will be emptied if more than half full.

(4)  Any trash which is on the ground or otherwise near the container is picked up by the hauler.

(5) Any recycling container which is more than half full when checked will be emptied by the recyclables hauler.

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