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We advocate on behalf of our membership in the Boulder area to help promote and protect rental housing owners and property managers.  Our membership has more than 13,000 residential rental units in the City and County of Boulder.    As an organization, and through the hard work of staff, board and interested members we identify proposed laws that impact the rental industry in our area and contribute thoughtful industry expertise to aid in our success.   We serve as an informed, respected voice regarding Rental Property Owners in the City and County of Boulder.  In addition to our interaction with councils, we work closely with staff to ensure the creation of appropriate and effective rules and enforcement vehicles for the rental industry in our area.


The city of Boulder originally passed this ordinance in 2003 with a compliance deadline of June 2018.  Any property that has gotten a building permit since then most likely has complied but staff understood that there were significant properties not in that category that may not be aware of the law.  City staff initially proposed an extension until 2021 but Council felt that there had been enough time and stated the law should go in effect November of 2018, with enforcement starting in November of 2019.

This ordinance requires exterior lighting to meet “brightness” standards that move to eliminate light pollution. Exterior lighting will have to ultimately be replaced if lights shine upward and/or glass enclosures release light pollution that exceeds the standards set forth in the ordinance (equivalence to a 60 watt bulb). For more detailed explanation click here.

So timing.    While the deadline is November 2018, depending on when your rental license expires you may have a bit more time as it has been tied to the rental license.   One other item, if you have a property that has a lot of exterior lighting more than average and you rental license is due soon, staff will give you an additional year to comply. What they will do is renew your rental license but only for one year.

If you are renting a condo, no worries.  Thanks to BARHA, staff now understands that in a condo situation most folks do not have control over the exterior lighting. So if you do not have control over it, you are not responsible for it.  For more information on the timing of this please click here.   If you are a member, please email and call and let me know if you have questions.  We are happy to help.  If you are not a member, JOIN NOW!!

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