BARHA Advocates for Residential Rental Owners

We advocate on behalf of our membership in the Boulder area to help promote and protect rental housing owners and property managers.  Our membership has more than 14,000 residential rental units in the City and County of Boulder. As an organization, and through the hard work of staff, board and interested members we identify proposed laws that impact the rental industry in our area and contribute thoughtful industry expertise to aid in our success. We serve as an informed, respected voice regarding Rental Property Owners in the City and County of Boulder.  In addition to our interaction with councils, we work closely with staff to ensure the creation of appropriate and effective rules and enforcement vehicles for the rental industry in our area.

Current Advocacy Missions

No Eviction Without Representation (NEWR)

If passed, this would provide legal representation for all tenants in eviction cases. Each landlord in Boulder will be required to pay $75 per rental unit per year to fund this program.

Bedrooms are for People

A review of occupancy is long overdue, and with this potential charter amendment out there, the time is right for council to take a comprehensive look at both relaxing occupancy and updating nuisance rules to include increased communications for all involved.

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