BARHA Advocates for Residential Rental Owners

We advocate on behalf of our membership in the Boulder area to help promote and protect rental housing owners and property managers.  Our membership has more than 14,000 residential rental units in the City and County of Boulder. As an organization, and through the hard work of staff, board and interested members we identify proposed laws that impact the rental industry in our area and contribute thoughtful industry expertise to aid in our success. We serve as an informed, respected voice regarding Rental Property Owners in the City and County of Boulder.  In addition to our interaction with councils, we work closely with staff to ensure the creation of appropriate and effective rules and enforcement vehicles for the rental industry in our area.

Boulder Noise Ordinance Changes

As expected, Boulder City Council passed on September 1, 2022 proposed noise ordinance changes last night. The ordinance was passed on emergency, and went into effect immediately.  If you have not already, please notify your tenants of the change. CU has a landlord letter template if you are interested, just click here.  It does apply citywide.

Primary changes in ordinance are to :

  • extend the unreasonable noise ordinance to daytime hours. If an officer can hear amplified noise more than 200 or more feet away, there will be a violation.
  • no longer require a neighbor complaint for a noise ticket.

The current unreasonable noise ordinance from 11pm to 7am will remain in effect. BARHA testified, recognizing the need for a noise ordinance change and asked that staff prioritize the communication dashboard project which will allow housing providers to get information about calls to service. 

Longmont Considering Universal Recycling Ordinance

Do you have issues with dumpster contamination or lack space to expand to recycling? The City of Longmont is working to develop a Universal Recycling Ordinance that is intended to expand waste diversion from City landfills to help improve our local environment and community.

By developing an Ordinance that makes sense for Longmont, they hope this can help reduce contamination, illegal dumping and have other benefits for property managers and their tenants.

For more information or to keep up to date on this effort, follow the Engage Longmont Zero Waste page

    Current Advocacy Missions

    Quality of Life Changes – City of Boulder

    As many of you know, BARHA is a member of the Hill Revitalization Working Group (HRWG) along with the City of Boulder, CU, and the University Hill Neighborhood Association (UHNA).  We have been a member of this group for many years. In the past, we have met monthly and discussed various topics related to the hill. We have also participated in the agenda planning and other task force meetings associated with the group. These meetings have allowed us to strengthen relationships and try and help to solve issues in a way that will make sense for all participants. Since March of 2021 when City Council added a priority to focus on solving quality of life issues on the hill (after the riots that spring) – there has been a paid facilitator for the group.

    Just recently, per the city attorney, the format of these meetings has changed to a public meeting. Last week was our first public meeting and BARHA was one of the presenters, along with the City of Boulder and CU. 

    The city gave a brief update on their data project. It is almost identical to what was presented at the council study session on 7/28/2022 which can be viewed here:  As in the council meeting on 7/28, they noted that the hill amounts to 44% of noise incidents and 58% of the property maintenance incidents in the city They also laid out a general timeline for future city projects related to quality of life.  

    If you have been reading our email updates this past year, you know that we are anticipating proposed changes to nuisance abatement. Right now – per the city, we expect those proposals to be coming our way in the Spring if 2023. Regarding abatement, BARHA has taken/is taking the following steps since March of 2021:

    • Researched Abatement Models in College towns in different areas of the US and reviewed them with the BARHA Board. 
    • Contacted Apartment Associations in two of these jurisdictions which we believe the city will most likely model to see what has worked and what has not. 
    • Met with city council members individually discussing the need for increased communication. And explained that without a communication system, any ordinance change will not be effective and potentially could be punitive depending on what is drafted.
    • Emphasized in every HWRG meeting that we can not move forward with abatement ordinance changes without better communication in a timely manner
    • Met with members of UHNA both individually and in HWRG meetings also discussing the need for communication. In addition, this has helped us to develop this relationship and have a better understanding of their needs.
    • Met with key members of city staff multiple times including the Police Chief and City Manager with this same message as well as the challenges we have with the current communication system
    • Presented to the HWRG the challenges we have as landlords, generally. So the members of that group have a better understanding of what we can and cannot do. 
    • Met with CU Boulder and the city bi-weekly to discuss current issues and resolutions.

    We continue to stress that importance of communication to property managers and landlords. We want timely communication of both complaints and calls to service so that we can resolve issues in a timely manner. Right now we do not have that information. Through our partnership with CU and relationship with UHNA we have been working with members to resolve specific neighbor complaints of parties and noise. While this has been successful, the scope is limited because both the complainant and the landlord need to be associated with the HWRG.   Therefore, it is imperative that the city’s data project, which will provide call to services information for ALL rental licensees in a timely manner, be finalized.  We have been asking for this for many years and we continue to put the pressure on – as city staff has told us repeatedly this will happen. 

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    Potential Changes to Trash and Weeds – Boulder

    The city of Boulder is considering an ordinance change regarding enforcement of weeds and trash violations.  Initially, this was scheduled to be heard in early December but may be pushed back.  BARHA members, please be sure to watch your emails on this topic.

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