Bear Protection Ordinance

The bear protection ordinance requires all trash and curbside compost to be secured from bears at all times until collected by a waste hauler in the western part of the city.   In 2017, property owners were experiencing an increase in ticketing and in addition warning tickets were not permitted.   This was a difficult issue for rental property owners for many reasons.  Rental property owners educate their tenants Boulder trash policies and their implications, there can be multiple units and it is difficult to determine who is causing the problem or if the trash violation is due to a neighbor or other unrelated person using the bear trash can.  Even the most diligent of rental property owners, who checked everyday could still be ticketed depending on the time of day they checked.

Through BARHA’s advocacy, the city changed the bear protection ordinance to allow the issuance of warning tickets, prior to the initial fine.   This was extremely helpful to all property owners as it allowed them to work through the issue without incurring fines.