Energy Upgrades

Boulder’s “SmartRegs” Energy Efficiency Requirement
The energy efficiency component of SmartRegs mandates that rental property owners meet an efficiency standard of 100 prescriptive points or a HERS (Home Energy Rating Score) of 120. These measurements take into account items such as a property’s insulation, heating and cooling systems and physical building design. These energy efficiency benchmarks were required to be achieved by January, 1 2019.  BARHA has been involved from the inception of this program and have continued to monitor and work to improve the system for the good of all rental property owners in Boulder.

BARHA hosted a tour of a challenging property for council members and staff so they could be better understand the challenges many property owners go through in order to comply.  We coordinated one-on-one meetings with clear results for members prior to monthly luncheons.   We advocated for the development of a technically impractical exemption application & process, we also advocated for a flow-chart of the SmartRegs process and information on innovative measures for points.  We also sent multiple electronic and newsletter updates regarding fee changes and more.  At one point we were able to extend the timeline for a fee increase, so property owners would have more time to comply prior to an increase. All of these things helped to increase understanding for both the city as well as our members as they worked through the compliance process.

The environment is an important value to the Boulder area community.  BARHA continues to monitor policy changes related to the environment that could have an effect on our members.