Nuisance Laws

An ordinance passed May 1, 2007 that significantly expanded the scope of Nuisance Abatement actions in the City of Boulder. This ordinance makes property owners (both commercial and residential) liable for violations of municipal and state laws by their tenants.

When tenants break the law, the property in which they live or where the violation occurred can receive a strike. Two strikes in one year or three strikes in two years can result in that property owner being called into a mandatory “settlement” meeting. This meeting can result in the owner being forced to apply certain conditions and/or actions on his property.  If the owner refuses to agree to the conditions or fails to meet the conditions, the City can take the property owner to court and ask a judge to dictate terms as to how the property is to be managed. This Ordinance has been fought intensely by BARHA. We have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses on this ordinance. We were unable to prevent its passage, but we were able to get terms altered in ways that made the bill less onerous.