Rental Licensing

The City of Boulder requires a rental license for all rental properties in the city with few exceptions.   Over the years BARHA has been instrumental in moving to private inspectors, as well as updating the rental license checklist as building codes are changed.  This involvement as resulted in a higher quality of inspections that are oriented toward important issues of health and safety for both tenants and owners.   In addition,  through BARHA’s efforts City Council passed an ordinance that defined that when a property is transferred into an LLC by the current owners,  Owners will NOT need to act as though this is a sale and begin rental inspection as a new license holder. This means that no new baseline inspection will be require

More recently, BARHA has advocated for ordinance clarity between short and long term rentals.   We were also instrumental in allowing Property Owners to advertise without a license in circumstances where a license has been applied for or the units were under construction by using the language “rental license pending.”  This was a key win, so rental property owners would have the ability to market their properties appropriately.

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