Source of Income and Immigration Status

The City of Boulder passed a Source of Income/Immigration Status ordinance stating that a Rental Property Owner cannot discriminate based on a prospective tenant’s source of income or immigration status.   This was a difficult issue for BARHA because our members were divided. We had members both in favor of the ordinance and those against it, which in itself shows the difficulty this issue can present.

Throughout the process BARHA worked with city staff and local housing authorities to provide more education and support for rental property owners.   As a result of this, we now have a landlord hotline that folks can call if you have questions regarding the Section 8 program.   In addition, BARHA developed a compliance memo for their members as well as hosted a Section 8 workshop to make the process more comfortable for those property owners who were not familiar with the program or had not taken Section 8 in the past.

BARHA continues to work the city of Boulder on this and other issues that effect the affordability of housing in Boulder.