In early 2019, Boulder City Council passed an ordinance affecting non-consensual towing in Boulder.   Many rental property owners use non-consensual towing to ensure their residents have adequate parking near their homes.  The initial draft required a one-hour wait before a towing company could be contacted when a car was parked illegally (the “one-hour rule”).  This proposal was impractical, problematic and would have had a negative impact on vulnerable populations, business owners and rental owners.  In addition, the initial proposal would have require signage sizes to increase to include Spanish, English and universal. This would have increased the size of signage as well as require wholesale replacement of signage.

Through the advocacy of BARHA and our partners, council eliminated the “one-hour rule” from the ordinance and on signage only added the universal symbol.  In addition, a phase in period for signage changes was added to help businesses accommodate more easily.    These changes resulted in a good towing ordinance that met the goals of both the city and business owners alike.