BARHA Question 2: Tenant - Boulder Area Rental Housing Association

BARHA Question 2: Have you ever been a tenant?  Where?  Tell us about your experience.

Aaron Brockett: Yes, I rented a room in a woman’s house in college, I rented a three-bedroom ADU from a family after I graduated from college, and also rented an apartment in a small residential tower in my mid-20’s. My wife and I also rented a single-family home in Boulder for 9 months in 2003 while we waited for our current townhouse to be built.

Mark McIntyre:  I moved to Boulder in 1977 and did not buy my first house until 1985. In those early years I lived in a basement apartment on the hill, a duplex in Goss-Grove, a single-family home at Alpine and 6th, an apartment at Alpine and 9th, and an over occupied single-family home at 5th and Marine. My experiences, as a good tenant, was fine in all of these locations.

I have found landlords in Boulder to be smart enough to realize that their asset is worth maintaining and worth the effort to screen tenants. Those property owners that don’t maintain their property are letting a great asset deteriorate and that does not make good business sense.  My experience as a renter was a positive one. I got to know my neighbors, both homeowners and renters, and had mostly positive experiences with both.

Rachel Friend:  Lots of times – multiple spots in Indiana, California, and Florida. (And briefly in Boulder, with my sister as landlord.) Most of my leases were procured from a distance, with limited time to research, and pre-internet. Remember that era!? That left me with renting in apartment communities, which generally have units available on short notice. My experiences were positive. One staple was good neighbors; I tend to get to know, and get along with, people I am in close proximity to.

Bob Yates:    Six of the first seven properties my family and I lived in when I was a child were rental units. Some were in apartment buildings, others were rental houses. These were in Omaha, Des Moines, and Los Angeles. Then, as a college student in Scranton, I lived in rental houses. After my wife and I were married, we lived in a series of six apartments in San Francisco, Omaha, and London. All of my more than one dozen experiences as a tenant—as a child, as a student, and as a young adult—were positive. Mutual respect between the landlords and the tenants was the key to those good relationships.

Junie Joseph:  I am currently a tenant. I live in graduate student housing. I am allowed to live in Grad housing in Boulder for as long as I am a student. It is very expensive. I pay approximately 1,150 dollars a month for a small one-bedroom apartment. Prior to moving to my current place, I was living with a family in Louisville and commuting into Boulder every day. They were very kind, but that is not the experience that I was looking for as an adult woman. I am worried once I graduate that I will be priced out of the rental market in Boulder. I have checked online with BHP and saw that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is between 1,350-1,500 dollars, depending on whether it is market rate or subsidized.

Benita Duran:  Yes, was a tenant when I first moved to Denver from Pueblo and was attending University of Denver and later when I worked as a staffer for the Mayor of Denver Federico Pena. – in two areas of Denver – southeast near DU campus and in Capitol Hill. During these years, I learned a lot about how to be a good neighbor sharing common walls, ceilings and floors with others.

Paul Cure:  Yes, I have been a tenant in college and am a tenant now.  I feel wonderful about it.

Mark Wallach: I lived for many years in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I was a tenant for more than 20 years, first in a small studio, then in a one bedroom, finally in a two-bedroom apartment. My experience was mixed. When I lived in a studio apartment in a brownstone, my landlords were terrific and attentive. The latter two experiences were not bad (by New York standards), but the building – a large apartment building – was not very well maintained by a largely disengaged landlord. The conditions were hardly terrible; it was just that ownership was essentially absent, and the on-site super required compensation in order to do anything substantial in the way of maintenance. Not unusual for New York, but nothing special, either.

Brian Dolan:  I have lived in Boulder since I was two years old, and I have been a tenant at many different locations in Boulder since the age of 18.  A few of the rentals I’ve lived in include a house near Aurora and 33rd, in the Canyon Creek Apartments, and an apartment complex at Colorado and 30th.  My rental experiences were collectively positive, with well-maintained units, responsive landlords and friendly neighbors.

Andy Celani:  I have been a tenant .I rented the same building for 34 years. It worked well.

Corina Julca:  I am currently a tenant in an apartment building in East Boulder. I’ve lived there with my husband, son and daughter for 5 years. The building is market affordable and houses a diverse community. My landlord has been fair and responsive. I appreciate him.

Gala Orba:  Oh yes. I was a tenant from 2009 onward. I lived on 19th and Upland, on Gillespie and Greenbriar, on Fourmile Canyon drive in the County, on Alpine and 9th, on Alpine and 19th, and now I rent on Meredith Way. I have lived under Sunny Side property Mgmt, private landlords, with friends, with strangers, and now I live alone in the Verdant Apartments.  My experience has been that when I speak up as a tenant to the landlords my voice is heard. I have been very impressed with the quality of the homes in Boulder and find landlords and property mgmt companies to be fair. I have felt taken care of. Rent is high, yes, and housing is on the small side but its beautiful. Now that I know more about how many rules and regulations there are for Landlords to follow I see how tough it is to abide by them all. I think Landlords in Boulder are in a tough spot and need a good advocate.  I am reasonable and will always hear you out and listen to you and change my stance if you prove your stance to me. I want to be your advocate.

Nikki McCord:  I was a tenant when I moved to Boulder nine years ago. I had a pleasant experience with my landlord. I moved out of an apartment in Boulder and into a home that I own.

Susan Peterson:  Yes, I have been a tenant during my college years in East Lansing Michigan, and when I first moved to Denver in the late seventies.  During those times I lived in 5 different apartments and shared houses over a period of 7 years.  All my experiences as a tenant have been good ones.

Adam Swetlik:  I was a tenant for 10 years is Boulder, most of them under larger property management companies. I have to say that the experience was much better renting from individuals than larger companies. The upkeep and service tended to be much better. Also there was always a problem getting security deposits back from larger corporations, and it was absolutely necessary to take pictures of the entire unit to ensure there were no charges for pre-existing damage or wear.