BARHA Question 3: Rental Industry - Boulder Area Rental Housing Association

BARHA Question 3:  Have you ever owned or managed investment properties or worked in the rental housing industry in any aspect?  If yes, tell us about it.

Aaron Brockett:  No I have never worked in the rental housing industry.

Rachel Friend:  No

Bob Yates:  When I lived in London between 1998 and 2001, I rented my Omaha house to a young couple. It was a positive experience. With that exception, I have not directly engaged in the rental housing business. However, as a lawyer in private practice, I represented many companies and individuals who owned and operated rental properties. I believe that, through that legal representation, I have a good understanding of the issues they face.

Junie Joseph:  No, I have never worked with the housing rental industry or managed investment properties. But I do have a real estate license. I have never used it.

Mark Wallach:     The only property I have rented out was an apartment we purchased in Brooklyn, which we sublet for two years. I had two tenants in that time, and each was exceptional. There were no difficulties whatsoever, and no problems or issues with any of my neighbors.

I did, however, spend a number of years as a developer of housing in New York, which required a degree of management between the time that purchasers began moving in, and the point at which I could turn over control of the building to the condominium association. I did have to deal with a number of difficult individuals in this capacity, but in the environment of ever-litigious New York, I cannot say that my experiences were at all notable by local standards.

Adam Swetlik:  I have not.