BARHA Question 3: Rental Industry - Boulder Area Rental Housing Association

BARHA Question 3:  Have you ever owned or managed investment properties or worked in the rental housing industry in any aspect?  If yes, tell us about it.

Aaron Brockett:  No I have never worked in the rental housing industry.

Mark McIntyre: My first job in Boulder was living in the campground in Eldorado Springs (now the visitor center in the upper canyon) collecting campground fees and cleaning the bathrooms for “Pop” Fowler. So I was a short term rental manager early on. My wife, my son, and I have owned a residential real estate property in Bellingham WA for several years. My son managed and maintained the property for about 6 years.

We currently do not own any residential real estate but we do own a small commercial building in unincorporated Boulder county and confront most all of the same issues that residential property owners struggle with: maintenance and reinvestment, leasing and rent collection, and taxes and compliance with government regulations. We manage the properties we own ourselves and know that it is a bit of a misnomer to call it “passive income.”

Rachel Friend:  No

Bob Yates:  When I lived in London between 1998 and 2001, I rented my Omaha house to a young couple. It was a positive experience. With that exception, I have not directly engaged in the rental housing business. However, as a lawyer in private practice, I represented many companies and individuals who owned and operated rental properties. I believe that, through that legal representation, I have a good understanding of the issues they face.

Junie Joseph:  No, I have never worked with the housing rental industry or managed investment properties. But I do have a real estate license. I have never used it.

Benita Duran:  Yes, I have owned and managed a condo in Boulder, which I licensed and personally managed in years 1996– 2002. Sold condo in 2003.  This was my first home in Boulder when I started working in the City Manager’s Office.

Paul Cure:  Yes, I have owned a rental property for interns on the farm.  It was great.

Mark Wallach:     The only property I have rented out was an apartment we purchased in Brooklyn, which we sublet for two years. I had two tenants in that time, and each was exceptional. There were no difficulties whatsoever, and no problems or issues with any of my neighbors.

I did, however, spend a number of years as a developer of housing in New York, which required a degree of management between the time that purchasers began moving in, and the point at which I could turn over control of the building to the condominium association. I did have to deal with a number of difficult individuals in this capacity, but in the environment of ever-litigious New York, I cannot say that my experiences were at all notable by local standards.

Brian Dolan:  I have not personally owned a investment property, although my wife and I are working towards that goal, but I have helped my mom manage her investment property.  She owns a property in Gunbarrel that used to be her primary home and recently moved into a condo in Boulder so I help her rent her condo in Gunbarrel.   I enjoy the relationships that have developed between her tenants and myself as a landlord.

Andy Celani:  I have owned and managed the same property for 40 years.

Corina Julca:  No.

Gala Orba:  Yes. I own a home in Boulder Heights. I have done short and long-term rentals out of my home. Owning a home is a lot of work. Short term rentals are a fun industry and a great way to pay a mortgage. Having long term tenants is much less daily work, but it is still work. I commend all those who house our people and follow the rules and laws of the industry.

Nikki McCord:  I have not.

Susan Peterson:  No, I have not.  I have owned several homes (3 in Denver and 3 in Boulder), but they have all been my primary residence.

Adam Swetlik:  I have not.