BARHA Membership

Owners and Managers

BARHA represents the interests of owners and managers of more than 14,000 residential rental units in both the City and County of Boulder. As a member you receive informative monthly newsletters, excellent education and training, access to free court tested forms and networking opportunities at BARHA’s luncheon meetings. The luncheons are attended by over 100 people and is a huge testament to the value members find in BARHA. We monitor city, county and state government and lobby officials to protect the interests of property owners and managers and improve the regulatory environment.

Membership Benefits


BARHA offers education and training opportunities so you can stay informed about current management practices and laws. Some past seminars have included topics on Legal Issues, Leasing Techniques, Fair Housing, Mold, Management Education and Lead Based Paint to mention a few.


BARHA shares valuable industry information and you will gain very helpful insights from your interaction with other property owners and managers. BARHA’s monthly lunch meetings have over 100 people in attendance – a testament to the value members find in being a part of BARHA.

You will have access to BARHA’s court tested lease and other essential forms you need to operate your property in the best possible manner and in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

You become part of a strong political advocacy group supporting our industry. Some of our successes are:

-Keeping rent control out of Colorado.

-Protecting the classification of multifamily residential properties as “residential” for property tax purposes rather than as a “commercial” tax classification. This important tax success has saved every multifamily property owner tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes.

-Developing a greatly improved and more cost effective Rental Inspection Program with the City of Boulder.

-Changing the requirement of paying a fixed rate of interest on security deposits to a variable rate interest that is based on actual market conditions and is readjusted annually. This permanent change has already saved Owners significant money and will continue to be a fairer system for years to come.


You’ll have easy access to a list of our Vendor Members who provide much needed services and are experienced in working with our industry. All of our Vendor Members have agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct.


You will be kept informed of “behind the scenes” information on issues directly affecting your property and business by email, through our website and luncheons.


Your membership provides you with access to professionals who can serve as advocates to help you deal with difficult management related issues when they arise.