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BARHA had been receiving calls and emails lately about increased occupancy enforcement in Boulder.  Some of these have been neighbor complaints and some have been proactive based on advertising.  From my understanding if advertising was incorrect in the Spring most people just got warning calls.  Now that time period has ended and folks are receiving notices of violation or even having rental licenses suspended/pulled.   Therefore, it is important to be diligent on the details, in addition to managing neighbor relations. Below are a few reminders on the new Occupancy Rules:

  1. Your rental license number must be on all advertising.
  2. All advertisements for rentals should list a maximum occupancy no greater than the city’s maximum unrelated occupants under Section 9-8-5 B.R.C. 1981 and the advertised limit can be smaller than that allowed by Section 9-8-5
  3. Advertisements for rental units also must state the maximum number of unrelated occupants.
  4. Maximum occupancy is determined by zoning district, and property owners, managers and tenants are responsible for knowing the allowed legal occupancy. Property owners can limit the number of occupants to fewer people than their zoning designation allows.You can find the maximum permissible occupancy for your unit by going to the following link and typing in your address.  Once you type on you address you can then click on the map and it will bring rental license information up.  It is certainly worth checking to see if think it is correct.
  5. If you do not have non-conforming (grandfathered) occupancy.   The maximum number of unrelated individuals allowed to live in a dwelling is determined by zoning district. To find your zoning district, just go to: to three unrelated individuals are allowed to live in a dwelling in P, A, RR, RE and RL zones; up to four persons in MU, RM, RMX, RH, BT, BC, BMS, BR, DT, IS, IG, IM and IMS zones.
  6. Signage:  Only properties with less than five dwelling units are required to post the sign conspicuously inside the main entrance to each dwelling unit.  The occupancy sign only needs to be posted when showing the unit to a prospective renter.  The sign should list a maximum occupancy no greater than the city’s maximum unrelated occupants under Section 9-8-5 B.R.C. 1981 and the posted limit can be smaller than that allowed by Section 9-8-5. A fillable sample sign can be found at:
  7. For additional occupancy information, including a sample posting sign, please go to:


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Do you have a difficult property?   We have been working with Council and Staff  on how best to tackle challenging properties.  We are encouraging members to apply for the technically impractical exemption as soon as possible.  You may find the application here in the middle of the page.   Please contact if you would like to discuss.



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