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The Boulder Area Rental Housing Association (BARHA) is committed to the needs and success of our community. We serve property owners and service professionals by providing resources, education, legal advocacy, local updates, networking opportunities and so much more.


  • “BARHA is the most valuable organization Landlords and Agents have in the Boulder area. The representation it has afforded my company has saved thousands of dollars in legal fees alone!” 48 Units Owner – Property Management Company in Boulder County
  • “As an out of city owner, my BARHA newsletter has been an invaluable resource to keep me abreast of events, new laws, hot topics, etc. in the City. Just keeping up with the new laws alone is a problem when you don’t live in the City. I have no doubt that what I’ve learned from BARHA has kept me and my properties out of trouble!” 8 Units Owner
  • “BARHA has been a great way to meet and develop relationships and at the same time, find out what is going on in our community. I find out more info at these meetings than is available at any other source.” 18 Units Owner
  • “I’m an enthusiastic member of BARHA because it’s easier to be a Landlord in Boulder when I have the resources of BARHA at my disposal. I also know that advocacy with the City of Boulder and the State can only be accomplished by a large group of landlords; no single one of us can have any impact but together we can and do.”
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    If you’re looking for a great organization of owners and managers of residential rental properties, or if you want to provide goods and services to our industry, then BARHA is the perfect fit for you!



    Housing Boulder County – We Make the Way

    Several non–profits have come together to host a series of virtual sessions on affordable housing in Boulder County.  The hosts are:  Together Colorado, NAACP Boulder County, the Boulder Valley Labor Council and the East Community Housing Opportunity Coalition.  I attended the first session in January and it was interesting and informative.  They had two speakers that discussed historical housing policies that have led to some of our land use patterns of today.  They specifically highlighted the practice of red lining.  If you are not familiar with the term, redlining is the practice of refusing to offer credit or insurance in a particular community on a discriminatory basis (as because of the race or ethnicity of its residents).   This practice is illegal today but has had a lasting impact.  After the speaker, you are virtually broken into small groups for a discussion.  The sessions last from 6:30pm  – 8:00pm and anyone interested in housing is welcome to come.   In case you are interested, below are the dates and times of  upcoming sessions:
    • Feb 8, 2021 06:30 PM   Topic:  What’s the Local Reality?
    • Mar 8, 2021 06:30 PM   Topic:  Why is Affordable Housing so Hard to Accomplish?
    • Apr 12, 2021 06:30 PM  Topic:  How do we take Action?
    For information about signing up contact Meghan Carrier at Together Colorado for the zoom link  meghan@togetherco.org   There is no charge for the sessions.  

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    Boulder Announces Interest Rate for 2021 Tenant Security Deposit: Decrease to 0.07% for 2021

    Boulder Announces Interest Rate for 2021 Tenant Security Deposit: Decrease to 0.07% for 2021

    The City of Boulder published the interest rate for 2021 tenant security deposits.  It is set at 0.07%, effective Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. This is the mathematical average of the one-year certificate of deposit from the top three financial institutions in Boulder, based on market share data as of Dec. 14, 2020. The tenant security deposit interest rate is recalculated each year in accordance with Ordinance 7320, which was adopted on Feb. 17, 2004. Relevant code language may be found in Chapter 12-2: Landlord-Tenant Relations of the Boulder Revised Code (sections 12-2-2 and 12-2-4 through 12-2-7).  The rate is the average of the one-year certificate of deposit from the top three financial institutions in Boulder, based on market share data as of Dec. 15, 2018. The computation formula of the interest due for residential security deposits in the City of Boulder is:  Multiply the entire amount of the security deposit by the appropriate multiplier for that year, divide that number by 12 to obtain a monthly percentage amount due, and then multiply that monthly number by the number of months the deposit was in the landlord’s possession, including the 30 or 60 days after the end of the lease. The rate in effect at lease signing is in effect for that lease period, until termination or renewal for another period.  Month to month leases are considered renewed each month, so the interest rate due will change on the first of every calendar year for month to month leases. Click Here to View Security Deposit Interest Rates for City of Boulder.

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    Governor Issues New Executive Order Related to Evictions

    Governor Issues New Executive Order Related to Evictions

    The Governor has issued a new executive order that requires all rent demands to include a copy of the CDC order and the declaration form. The CDC order can be found here and the Declaration form can be found here. There is no requirement for you to provide these documents prior to serving a rent demand or for you to re-serve these documents with the rent demand if you have already provided them to the resident.
    In addition, the executive order extends the 30-day rent demand. For a full copy of the executive order please click here.

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