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BARHA Staff reached out to all the current city council candidates with questions to get an understanding of where they stand on rental housing issues.  You have seen a few in our newsletter, and heard them at our luncheon but here are all the complete questions and answers.  Be sure to be educated and VOTE!  If you own properties in Boulder but don’t live there, put signs up on your properties, talk to your tenants, friends and colleagues.   There are six open seats this cycle so it is more important than ever!  Now onto the questions:

  1.  Many candidates have expressed desire to increase the amount of affordable housing in Boulder.  What is your opinion on allowing more occupancy of unrelated persons as a tool to reach this goal?  Click Here for Answers.
  2. Have you ever been a tenant?  Where?  Tell us about your experience.   Click Here for Answers.
  3. Have you ever owned or managed investment properties or worked in the rental housing industry in any aspect?  Click Here for Answers.
  4. Do Boulder’s climate goals increase the cost of housing?  For example, capital investments required to comply with Smart Regs or limits on development?  And if so, how can one goal (climate) help to support the other (affordable housing) instead of hamstringing it? Click Here for Answers.
  5. Often it is the loudest people in the room that have influence over council decisions, but those that are happy or indifferent to proposals stay home.  What are your proposed solutions to bring all stakeholders to the table not just the loudest?  Click Here for Answers.
  6. With housing affordability an ever-increasing challenge across Colorado, rent control has come up in discussions.  This is evidenced by last year’s proposal at the state legislature.  Have you researched the topic of rent control?  If so, do you think that is something that makes sense for Boulder?  Click Here for Answers.
  7. This past legislative session, a bill was passed allowing local governments to set their own minimum wage.  Do you support an increase in minimum wage in Boulder?  If so, how would an increase in wage effect small businesses here? Click Here for Answers
  8. Landlords want good tenants and tenants want good landlords.  How do you think landlords can best support the community and still make their investment worthwhile?   Click Here for Answers.
  9. Sometimes council decisions end up being reactive instead of proactive with little time to really dive into the details and/or unintended consequences.  IN fact, often the best solutions do not require a new ordinance but could be worked out in other ways.  This can often be overlooked if there is a rush to action.  Do you have suggested solutions to prevent quick reactionary ordinances in the future?  And what would you do as a council member to encourage solutions prior to or other than an ordinance?  Click Here for Answers.


Four new state laws directly impacting the rental industry passed this session.  (1) HB19-1106 Rental Application Fees,  (2) HB19-1118 Time Period to Cure Lease Violation, (3) HB19-1170 Changes to Warranty of Habitability, and (4) HB19 – 1328 Landlord & Tenant Duties Regarding Bed Bugs.    There are a few other ones that should have some effect on us but these are the biggies.    Please note that HB19-1118 Time Period to Cure Lease Violation is in effect now!  The other bills go into effect on August 2, 2019.  For those that are members we will be sending out an interim lease update with language regarding HB19-1118 and will be sending out a comprehensive rewrite encompassing all the new laws in July.

There are several operational changes that come with these new laws.   If you missed out webinar in May, feel free to register for the recording and watch it anytime.   This is open to both members and non-members.

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