Bedrooms Are For People

Bedrooms are for People is a charter initiative and has not yet made the ballot.  There is a discrepancy on the number of signatures needed and dates they are due.

BARHA sent out a survey to get a better understanding of where the membership stands on this proposed initiative. 77% of respondents did not think that the ballot initiative is the right solution, yet 65% of the respondents felt that Occupancy Rules should be relaxed.  In written comments by the members, the general sentiment was that occupancy rules needed changing but factors including the location of the property and size of the units should be taken into account.

Since occupancy is such an important issue for our membership, BARHA shared the following position with council and asked them to put occupancy reform on the forefront of their agenda:

BARHA strongly supports the relaxing of occupancy rules but this proposed solution is not something we can fully get behind. It is a complex issue and the solution needs finer tuning.

A review of occupancy is long overdue, and with this potential charter amendment out there, the time is right for council to take a comprehensive look at both relaxing occupancy and updating nuisance rules to include increased communications for all involved.