Boulder County Election Updates

The unofficial results are in for Boulder County! Based on the margins in all these races; we are not expecting any changes with the possible exception of the muni, but I suppose anything could happen and if so you will be the first to know. The current results run down is below.
City of Boulder: It was a night when most people voted yes, at least in the city of Boulder. All the city ballot measures passed. This includes direct election of the mayor, the muni, repurpose of the utility occupation tax, expansion of the arts commission and yes NEWR. The closest vote was the muni, coming in at 53% – so there is a possibility this one could change, since the vote margins are pretty small. NEWR won with 58% of the vote with 28,350 voting for it and 20,044 voting against. We knew that when rental assistance was added to the mix it was an uphill battle and unfortunately we were correct.
BARHA wants to send a thank you to all those members that were involved in our vote no campaign, for writing letters, testifying at council and spreading the word. Staff also wants to extend a special thank you to our Board President for putting our message out there at political forums and press calls.
So what happens now? In regards to NEWR, it will take some time. The city will need to set up the administrative side of the tax, hire a legal services coordinator, set up a tenant’s committee update the required lease addendum, and set up criteria for lawyers vs. rental assistance. Long and short of it. This won’t happen overnight and we will of course keep you informed as it moves forward.
City of Louisville: Louisville passed a disposable bag tax last night with pretty big margins. The tax passed 66 percent to 33 percent. Retailers will be required to collect $0.25 per disposable bag and record the number of disposable bags provided and total amount of disposable bag taxes charged on the customer transaction receipt. There is an exemption for those customers who participate in federal or state food assistance programs. Retailers will keep $.10 of the tax to help with training, education and admin fees associated with the tax. The remaining $0.15 goes to the city for admin and/or other sustainability-related programs.
City of Longmont: Longmont passed two ballot issues. One allows them to borrow up to 80 million for the purposes of financing water system improvements. This passed overwhelmingly at 80%. The other simply allows the city to allow leases of city property to extend to 30 years.