Advocacy Update: Noise Ordinance Changes Passed. Please Notify Your Tenants

As expected, Boulder City Council passed the proposed noise ordinance changes last night. The ordinance was passed on emergency, which means it goes into effect immediately. Therefore it is in effect NOW. Please notify your tenants of the change. It does apply citywide.

Primary changes in ordinance are to :

  • extend the unreasonable noise ordinance to daytime hours. If an officer can hear amplified noise more than 200 or more feet away, there will be a violation.
  • no longer require a neighbor complaint for a noise ticket.

The current unreasonable noise ordinance from 11pm to 7am will remain in effect. BARHA testified, recognizing the need for a noise ordinance change and asked that staff prioritize the communication dashboard project which will allow housing providers to get information about calls to service.

To check out the full proposed ordinance go here.