Advocacy Achievements

BARHA is active in local politics. We actively show support for certain legislation to better support local property owners. Here are some of our past achievements that we voted on as a community and managed to change.


Eliminated the “one-hour rule” from the ordinance.

Energy Upgrades

SmartRegs mandate energy efficiency.

Local Elections

We provide rental housing information regarding upcoming elections.

Nuisance Laws

Altered terms of Noise Abatement ordinance to better suit owners.

Rental Licensing

Helped make rental inspection easier and less frequent.

Income and Immigration

Easier access to information about income and immigration status on rental applications.

Security Deposits

Security Deposit interest rates changed from fixed to floating.

Trash and Recycling

Requires properties to have trash service to reduce illegal dumping.

Bear Protection Order

Trash and compost must be secured from bears until pickup.