Trash and Recycling

Boulder’s trash/recycling program bundles required recycling services as a percentage of the trash service. It also allows all recyclables to now be put into one container-no need to sort into two different containers as in the past. This is a good thing as it will mean fewer containers on site, although the one container needs to be larger than previous two. In 2016 the city mandated that composting is required at every rental unit. Even though BARHA was unable to stop this mandate, as composting becomes a huge mess at the rental units, BARHA pushed the City to require that every property had their own trash service. This alleviates the problems owners have had with illegal dumping.

This “Universal Zero Waste” ordinance, intended to boost recycling and composting levels in condos and apartments to 85% by 2025, requires all property owners to provide recycling and compost hauling services (in addition to trash service) to all tenants.

The City has acknowledged however, that there are barriers to implementation with this ordinance in the MFU environment and has allocated resources in the form of advising, signage and training to assist property managers with rolling out a program.  To order stock signage, email For the training video, click the following links for English or SpanishClick here for a zero waste tool kit. For questions or to set up an appointment with an advisor call 303-441-1931. There is also a grant program to partially fund enclosure expansions.

Resources for implementation support are funded through the City of Boulder’s trash tax and are subject to fund availability. If you are planning on utilizing these resources we encourage you to engage with the City as soon as possible.