Registration is now available for the BARHA VENDOR SHOWCASE (formerly known as the “Trade Show”).We will be using the same free flowing, interactive structure this year at our OUTDOOR, IN PERSON event.
Come and enjoy social time with other BARHA members. We will provide food and beverages; you bring the fun!
Benefits of Participating the BARHA Vendor Showcase
This event has been a HUGE success in the past and is a great way for vendors to showcase their businesses to our owners.
This is a tremendous chance to get in front of numerous prospective customers.
Everyone loves the chance to make great new contacts and see old friends! We look forward to having your participation. We’ll work hard to make this event fun & successful for all!
Each vendor at the trade show will have the opportunity to:
  • Meet and talk with BARHA owner/property manager members who represent thousands of units in an open and welcoming atmosphere
  • Collect business cards and provide a give-away to be distributed after the showcase.
  • Meet new clients and reconnect with old ones
You won’t just get exposure to our members during the showcase, your business will be highlighted for the remaining calendar year…
After the Trade Show:
  • Feature in the August Newsletter for all vendor who participated
  • Sponsors get opportunity to share a video on the BARHA website
  • Vendors will receive contact list of owners who attended
Here are Some of our Comments from the 2019 Vendor Showcase
·          Met new property owners face to face/ Love the open/welcoming atmosphere
·          Great location and turn out
·          Great networking & info sharing/LOVED the food!
·          Great networking event/loved the food & wine/made it more conversational & fun + open to business
·          Great way to meet new clients
·          Loved the new set up/great interaction
·          Fun and interactive/ set up was great
·          Love new configuration with food & drink/ one of our developing markets- makes membership value grow
·          Love the new format
·          Reconnections with old friends and customers
·          Much better format, more personal
·          Good exposure to property owners/managers in a short amount of time/big improvement over last year
  • Full Table: $425 (receive 2 free lunches with  purchase– savings of $60). 8 ft table which can have up to 4 vendor hosts.
  • Half Table: $195 + lunch cost ($30 per person). 4ft (1/2 of a table) that is shared with another vendor. You may have 1-2 hosts at a ½ table. No floor booth displays are allowed at a ½ table. Vertical displays no larger than 12 x 16 are allowed.
  • Reverse Trade Show Sponsor: $300 (6 available)
  • Bar Sponsor: $200 (3 available)
  • Food Sponsor: $300 (3 available)